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Monday, October 26, 2009


Happy bdae Hapreet!
Totally no forgotten you yet.
Hows the life over there?
I wished i was the one.


IThought of You Guys at 7:46 PM;Y

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey peepos.
Yes, the annoying liyin is back.
You guys must have thought i probably died sometime ago.
If you have been visiting here.

Yay! I changed the blogskin. In my attempt to revive the blog, i tried to give it a new look. I have no idea but i kinda liked this. So well, if you are not changing it for me, i won't stand objections. Perhaps you guys have a better one on your hand, well, go ahead and change it:]

I know the stupid exams are finally over. Some should be brawling their eyes out at home, [tell me im not the only one] others, as happy and free as a birdie. Anyone wants a gathering again? Haha. I know we probably failed for a few times and never had a decent one but i promised now we have all matured, i believe all of us are CAPABLE of giving response, let alone suggestions and answers. So yes, i am hereby conducting another [TROUBLESOME] poll:

Do you want a gathering?
- NO
*Results will be kept confidential so please enclose your name with the email [not at the fweaking tagboard, its hard to see]

Number 3)
Its been SUPA long since i came here. So for those whoes birthday happen to be during this duration, i apologise sincerely. Happy BELATED [super] BDAE to those people who fit in the caterogry. Finally, one of us is turning 14 soon. That is none other than PEISUN! Lovely lady.
Happy birthday! Have fun and take care! :]

Number 4)
Now its time to think about your subject combinations already right? [Its pure headache, i swear] I hope everyone gets their desired subject combinations and may everyone's report card for this year be decorated with beautiful marks and colours [not red, derh]=D

I know its sorta dumb for me to be hanging round here when no one actually visited here in 1 complete month. But oh well. Love you guys. Hope you haven't forget me yet [im damm sensitive about that] Hehe.


Off to pee. Hoowoo~

IThought of You Guys at 9:34 PM;Y

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yo !! okay this is my first time posting here n btw I am seriously bored, so ya I came here to update.

Hope u guys enjoyed our gathering last week =] Hmm...actually I have nothing to up date -.-

OO now now
ok that was a bit ramdom but still sry for the late birthday wish
JA~NE ;]

IThought of You Guys at 10:48 PM;Y

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Just realised that i have not come here for like...forever!
For those BDAE kids who names i did not managed to mention on this blog,
Im very sorry.

How are you guys doing nowadays?
Still living, breathing and alive?

EOYs, approaching.
STREAMINGs, approaching.
STRESSes, adding.
[My common test were not very good so feeling abit down. Dont mind me:]

Like what have been mentioned in the previous post,
We need to talk about the teachers' day thingy.

1) Time
-Time of release
Ok, what time are you guys being released at?
Its dumb cos my school is releasing at 1pm. [WOW, ITS SO EARLY!]
-Time to meet
Lets meet at 12 nn,
Since im guessing everyone's being released damm freaking early.

2) Place
- Gather
Let's all gather at the bus stop infront of our school,
Cos i think it is the clearest and fastest place to BRPS.

3) Itinerary
- School
After going back to school,
You guys wanna chill out together at some place?
We can bombard the whole fastfood place or playground.
Im suggesting movies at VIVO.

Just a random question,
Do you guys really wanna go back to BRPS?
No offence.

Well... Just telling if you guys wanna do mass meetup.
If you guys don't then its fine.
All these is just a suggestion :]

Dead beat from my attack of results so i'll be resting here now.



IThought of You Guys at 4:15 PM;Y

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yo people, guess who's back? It's me! WHo is 'me'? find out at the end of this post... lol... Ok, apparently there has been many complaints about this blog being dead and bla bla bla... Don't just sit there! Post! Well, I'm here to do it anyway...... Ok there are 3 things that I'm gonna talk about:

1) Teachers day
2) Teachers day
3) Teachers day

Ok, I heard that this years teacher's day for BRP is on the 28th which on the calender says 'friday' BUT for secondary schools, in this case, mine, is celebrating on the 31st which is on monday... Kinda weird and hard to deal with. First of all if we go to back to BRP on friday, I won't be able to make it simply because there is this thing called the 'queenscup'. Basically it's just queensway and queenstown competeing each other in various sports. And the basketball match seems to fall on that day, and i am on the team(most likely) , which means i am playing and i won't be able to go back to BRP and that means it is making me feel confused... Anyone got some info on getting this done??? Btw, what activities are you guys having during your school teacher's day celebration... In my school, every class have to present a dance and the best dance wins.... i think i'm done from here.... I'll TRY to keep you guys updated with anything and try to give me more info also cus i don;t know anything, seriously!!! Shoutout to PIG aka LOLISBOO aka you know who you are!

I'm out Homies,

IThought of You Guys at 10:29 PM;Y

Friday, July 10, 2009


Im posting this in my school!
Im suppposed to work on this damm irritating project that ate all my time now.

How's everyone doing?

Relinking you now, Vincent!


IThought of You Guys at 8:25 AM;Y

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today we finally had our first 6A gathering 2009 today!

Really thank you those to took time out to spend time with us.
And thanks 100 to Niki who took the initiative to make the gathering.

For those who never come,
It would be pretty sad because we really don't know when will the next outing be.
And we had fun.
At least i had:]

Its nice seeing some old pals after some time.

Love you guys:]

*PS. to 'passer-by'
Im sorry.
I read your tag and thought you wrote:
Is he cannot go not he dont wan go.
And i am not from this class.

Sorry ah,
Mistook poor passer-by:]

IThought of You Guys at 8:36 PM;Y

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